• Wireless communication and sensor

    KICKBANG by using the wireless communication equipment more reliable, and precise measurements can be recorded. In addition, it is possible to use a sensor detects excellent blow.

  • UP to 4 Players Concurrently

    Self-exercise or Match up to 4 players. Up to 4 simultaneous play is possible. Competition and collaboration with colleagues, and you can feel the pleasure of training together.

  • Intuitive grasp & Easy operation

    Adjustable grade of player, GENDER, CLASS, WEIGHT. Easy operation with excellent efficiency gives the mode of exercise. You can maximize the fun and training with personalized setting.

  • Record, Analyse & Review

    Record & Analyse all exercise. Review any Historical data. Print-out review. It allows precise recording and review of training, and enables a systematic training plan because of it.


    KICKBANG consists of the two targets.
    High and low targets will help to expand the area of training.

  • Proximity sensors of iCROSS tech and a wireless communication transmitter technology.

    Built-in sensor to the entire target area. Transmitter located at each end product is connected to the sensor to transmit the data. More accurate training using creative iCROSS proximity sensor, fast, interesting. The sensor technology in combination with a wireless communication is easy and convenient to the user, and it gives confidence.