Taekwondo poomsae scoring system

This is a TKD poomsae program developed by iCROSS.
It contains the necessary rules and operation functions for Taekwondo poomsae.

  • Support WT official rules

    iPOOMSAE supports updates to WT official rules. Scoring for recognized poomsae. Support regular poomsae scoring and poomsae tournament

  • Update Feature

    iPS Host Updater.exe’ makes both programs “iPS Host“ and “iPS Judge“ up to date through the web. The iPS Judge app is not only provided but also updated together with iPS Host. If the Internet is connected, You can update it.

  • Use a Judge

    Scoring, Gathering and Displaying of Taekwondo Poomsae. Real-time scoring data can be transmitted by connecting the Judge to the Host. Up to 7 connections are allowed for the Judge. If you don’t connect, it can be entered directly from the Host.

5 modes of competition. Regular, Regular Tournamnet, Simple Tournament, Free style, Gymnastics.
Display and output of results.
Direct registration of player or uploading files (Excel).

Screen DIsplay

Display of electronic display is possible.
You can visually check the progress and results of the competition.


  • Get License

    The Host and iPS Judge are connected and operated over the network. The host and iPS Judge are provided on the installation USB. You must obtain the license code for normal operation. For normal operation, the license code must be purchased .

  • HOST Software

    This is a Host software of Taekwondo Poomsae scoring system. You can connect to up to 7 iPS Judge. Control the operation of the game, player registration, and results.

  • iPS JUDGE Software

    Connect to the host over the network and pass on the information you scored. You can install in your Laptop or Desktop or Tablet PC. This is packed with iPS Judge as a Judge Device software.
    It can also be downloaded from the Windows Store.

    • Tablet PC

    • Laptop

    • Desktop

    When using tablet PC Recommended option

    * Memory 4GB of higher
    * Wi-fi feature
    * Windows OS support