iPOOMSAE update V.1.2.1

iPOOMSAE update v.1.2.1 Date : 12.19.2018   expanded activation code complemented web update   If the online update is not working properly, please download and overwrite only the files inside. Note ) Never overwrite a folder.   POOMSAE

iCROSS NEO Update v.2.4.0

iCROSS NEO Update v.2.4.0 Date : 12.18.2018   changed database file (Taekwondo.mdb file) structure adjusted some display text to prevent breakage, extended activation code, complemented updater program. removed swap screen function and added new swap players function.   If the […]

iCROSS NEO Update v.2.3.0

iCROSS NEO Update v.2.3.2 2018.6 NEW WT RULES – Support for WT rules 2018.6 FULL HD DISPLAY BOARD – Full HD Screen Support   In the “iCROSS NEO” Software folder, “iCROSS NEO Updater.exe”. Makes this program up to date through […]